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Architects Fulham

Architects Fulham specialise in designing traditional housing. However, they can also create modern replicas and have a wealth of experience. If you’re interested in using one of these professionals, you can contact them online to get more information. They also charge an hourly rate. If you’re in the market for a new home or renovating an old one, contact an architect in Fulham to get started.

They also design modern replicas

If you have a period property and wish to add a modern twist, architects Fulham can help. Many Victorian and Georgian houses have voids and side returns that can be exploited for extra living space. For example, a kitchen that is too small for the existing layout can open into the side return to create a new utility room or powder room. Some architects can even raise a loft ceiling to add an en suite bathroom.

They have a wealth of experience

Architects in Fulham, Greater London have vast experience and expertise. They can help you design a kitchen extension, build a custom home or even refurbish your existing property. They can also oversee most of the construction process and assist with the communication between contractors.

They charge an hourly rate

You can ask your architect for an hourly rate for their services, but be sure to discuss it with Architects Fulham them first. The hourly rate is usually based on the  amount of time the architect spends working on the project. You can also ask if there is a cap on the amount of time an architect can work on your project.

They provide references

Architects in Fulham, Greater London are the experts in designing homes and buildings. They can design everything from single storey extensions to custom houses and can supervise most aspects of construction. They can also help you obtain planning permission and building regulations approval.

They charge in instalments

Architects in Fulham, Greater London, charge in instalments, or on a time scale that works with your budget. Some firms work remotely, or over the phone, while others prefer to meet in person. Either way, ask questions about the fees and payment terms, and be sure to negotiate on the terms of payment.