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How To Choose A Credit Card Wallet

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A credit card wallet has many functions, as its name implies. It is designed to hold credit cards and a few pieces of important information, all in one compact area. These types of wallets come in so many styles, shapes and colours that everyone can find one that suits their own personal sense of style.

Original Idea: A man named Richard Jordan wanted to create a new kind of credit card wallet that held all his cash and important documents in one sleek, simple package. He spent several months on designing the perfect product, carefully selecting a classic bifold or slim design, hand-crafted, made from premium Italian leather. When finished, the wallet was presented to the American Leather Association for an award.

Profile: The card wallet’s profile, or shape, is the most important feature when selecting a wallet. Wallet manufacturers use a number of measurements to help determine which profile is best. Some of those measurements depend on the amount of credit card traffic a particular model will see. Wallet size is also dependent on how many cards a user may expect to carry. Overall, the profile is the width, thickness and overall depth of the wallet.

Bifold: The most common of all credit card wallets is the bifold wallet, which has two separate compartments – one small flat pocket and one large flap pocket. Both pockets can be accessed with a thumb turn, similar to a zipper. Most bifold wallets have a visible zipper at the top center of the wallet.

Slim Design: The slim design is meant to look like a billfold, allowing for both quick and secure card storage. The main difference between the slim design and other styles is the lack of flap or zipper coverage. This allows for quick and secure access to your cards. Also, since the lack of flaps does not allow for as much depth or width, it might leave some items out such as coins. This wallet style might not be the most appropriate for all situations and is not a good choice for everyone.

Four Card Pockets: The four card pockets are very popular with business men. This wallet has the ability to hold more cash and cards than any other card wallet. It has been designed with a two way zipper to provide a secure fit and easy access. The outside pockets also hold extra bills or coins. With all of these features, this card wallet is durable, stylish and functional for business men everywhere.