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How To Select Your Hot Tub Supplier

hot tub supplier

Buying hot tubs can be expensive. You need to shop around to find the best prices, but there’s more to it than that. If you buy from an unscrupulous supplier, you could pay twice as much as you would for a comparable model from a more reputable supplier. Here are a few tips to help you find a hot tub supplier that won’t rip you off.

Shop Around Look at the kinds of jets and features the hot tub supplier has. Price is only one consideration, but make sure you’re not getting “new for old” when buying a spa. A good hot tub supplier will have high quality heat pumps in stock, as well as other types of spas that may be of interest to you. Many suppliers will have an array of models from which you can choose. A good supplier will have a variety of heat pumps, jets, and accessories to offer, as well as special promotions and deals to get you into the mood to buy.

Ask About Customer Service Look for a hot tub supplier that specializes in the models you want to buy. If you can find a company that buys hot tubs from various manufacturers, such as Cenworld or Prestige Hot Tubs, they’ll likely have a good reputation. A reputable company will be happy to spend time answering questions about the different models and the different types of spas they sell. This will let you know that they care about the satisfaction of their customers and want you to have a great experience buying hot tubs from them.

Choose a Reputable Dealer One good option for finding a hot tub dealer that has a variety of models to choose from is to go with an online retailer. There are some retailers that specialize in certain models, such as saltwater, therapeutic, backyard, or Olympic size spas. Choose a dealer that sells both hot tubs and spa heat pumps from the same manufacturer, so you get the widest range of products. It’s also a good idea to read reviews and check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the dealer. You may find that you won’t be dealing with a dealer who specializes in luxury spas only, but who offers a variety of hot tub options.

Consider Energy Savings In today’s energy-constrained world, it’s more important than ever to choose an Eco Spa heater that’s energy-efficient. Choose an Eco Spa heat pump that reduces the amount of heat lost through the evaporator coil, because any part of the system that takes up energy to move water can end up costing you money. Look for a unit with at least an 18-month warranty, because you don’t want to replace your spa heat pump in six months or less. Look for an energy-efficient model, because when you use your spa less, you’ll spend less on power bills overall, and your Eco Spa heater will pay itself back over time as long as you take care of it.

Output Current: The most important number you’ll need to be concerned with when buying an outdoor air temperature spa pump is its output power, or its ability to pump the right amount of outdoor air. If you need high-end features like multiple temperature controls, higher capacity kW, and anti-knocking mechanisms, you’ll need to invest in a more powerful unit. On the other hand, a lower output power doesn’t mean that you’re getting a dud product. It just means that you’re not going to have a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing the right one for you. A small spa with low outdoor air temp needs a smaller pump, while a large unit that can heat up a whole neighborhood will need a larger capacity kW to be effective.