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Pruning and Tree Removals Are Best Left to the Professionals

The specialized skill required to work safely near power lines and other utility services makes trimming or removing trees near these services a job best left to professional tree care providers. These professionals carry several types of insurance and invest in expensive, specialized equipment for this type of work. Homeowners who attempt to prune or remove these plants themselves may cause damage and pose a safety risk for themselves, their neighbors and passers-by.

Trees and shrubs need to be trimmed Primetime Pruning and Tree Removals regularly for the health, strength and appearance of the plant. Pruning involves removing dead or diseased branches, thinning out the stems and branches, and shaping the plant to its desired size and form. It helps the plant establish strong root systems and encourages branching and fruit production. It also improves the amount of sunlight that reaches lower branches, making it easier to maintain the health and appearance of the tree or shrub.

The frequency of pruning depends on the type and age of the plant, how fast it grows and what shape you are trying to achieve. Most deciduous trees and some evergreens need to be pruned every two or three years. Fruit and shade trees need to be pruned more frequently.

The most common cuts are to remove damaged or crossing limbs, reduce the number of suckers from sprouting, and thin out the plant for better air circulation. Cutting too much at one time can harm the plant or cause the wounds to not heal properly, so it is important to prune a little bit at a time.