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Reduce Energy Use With Winsulator Technologies Secondary Glazing Inserts For Windows

Winsulator Technologies, a manufacturer of magnetic secondary glazing inserts for windows, is a great choice for clients who are looking to improve the efficiency of their existing windows. This innovative product creates a thermal and acoustic barrier that results in energy savings, increased comfort, and reduced noise.

Reduces air infiltration

One of the cheapest ways to reduce energy use in homes is to reduce air infiltration. Once the problem is identified, the energy savings from air sealing will typically cover the initial costs within 0 to 2 years. To learn more, check out the Air Leakage Guide published by the Department of Energy’s Building Energy Codes Program. This Sound control windows publication provides comprehensive information about air leakage codes, ventilation, HVAC sizing, and case studies.

Air infiltration occurs when air penetrates the building envelope, usually through the seams between window frames and plywood sheeting. Proper insulation can prevent air from getting in, but it must be packed tightly into the wall cavity to be effective. Most manufactured pre-formed batts don’t fill these voids effectively and can worsen the problem.

Reduces harmful UV rays

The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun cause the majority of skin cancers. The wavelength of these rays differs between UVB and UVA, but both are harmful. They damage the DNA in the cells of the skin and can lead to premature aging and skin cancer. They can also damage eyes, causing cataracts and eyelid cancers. The sun’s UV rays are strongest between 10 am and 4 pm, and they are most intense during the summer months. As you move further away from the equator, the rays get weaker and less powerful. In addition, higher elevations have less UV exposure.

Overexposure to UV radiation increases the risk of skin cancer over time. Even though the body can repair some of the damage done to skin cells, unrepaired DNA damage accumulates over time. This leads to mutations and rapid cell proliferation, which eventually leads to malignant tumors. The UV index is a helpful tool for predicting how much UV exposure will be expected at any given location.

Reduces noise

A company that reduces noise with Winsulator Technologies is reducing noise pollution for military installations. The company uses a system consisting of a frame, a membrane, and platelets to block the noise from heavy vehicles and construction equipment. It can also reduce noise coming from air conditioning units. The company has won contracts with the Naval Weapons Station in Charleston and Pearl Harbor Naval Station in Oahu.

The company has customized a clear acrylic panel with a metal channel that affixes magnetically to the inside of an existing window. This product blocks 95 percent of harmful UV rays and reduces noise outside by 60 percent. South Sun Energy Conservations manufactures the Winsulator.

Reduces energy loss

Winsulator secondary glazing inserts are invisible, allowing them to blend seamlessly into historic structures. They are made to block all ultraviolet light below 380 nanometers. Not only do they help reduce energy loss but they also help protect furnishings from fading. They are lightweight and strong – seventeen times stronger than glass.

Winsulator systems reduce window-related energy loss by as much as 29%. They are approved by the Tennessee Valley Authority and have a seal of certification from Window Energy Systems. They can even help save energy by reducing noise and condensation.