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The Benefits of a TV Mounting Service

As flat-screen televisions get bigger and more expensive, it becomes increasingly important to properly mount them. One mistake could leave an expensive TV crashing to the floor, potentially damaging it and injuring someone or ruining the look of your home. A professional TV mounting service can ensure your flat screen is mounted securely and correctly, helping you to avoid these risks at a price that won’t break the bank.

While it is possible to install a TV on your own, many people are reluctant to tackle this task. It can be tricky, time-consuming, and frustrating to try to do it yourself, especially if you have limited experience with DIY projects. The last thing you want is to spend hours reading the manufacturer’s instructions, drilling into studs, and trying to figure out how to find the perfect position for your TV.

Professionals are trained to work with all types of wall structures, and they can handle even the most complex mounting jobs. They’re also experienced at ensuring that your TV is positioned for optimal viewing. They’ll take into account your family’s preferred sitting and watching positions, as well as the room’s size and layout. They’ll help you to decide on the best place for your TV, whether it’s above a fireplace or in the corner of a bedroom.

The biggest benefit of having your TV mounting service in Alexandria, VA is that it can eliminate the need for extra furniture. You can preserve valuable floor space for more important things, such as a couch or bed. Also, mounting the TV on the wall can save you space in an apartment or condo where square footage is already at a premium.

TV mounting also provides a safer way to watch your favorite shows. When a TV is not mounted, it can easily be knocked over by kids or pets, or it may fall off the stand if you bump into it by accident. A professional installer from a company such as Handy will ensure your TV is safely secured to the wall, eliminating these hazards.

A skilled pro can also hide cables behind the TV for a more streamlined appearance. They can use cable covers that attach to the wall or they can run them inside the wall itself for a more permanent solution. The latter option is more costly, but it can provide a sleeker look and prevent tripping accidents. A professional will discuss your options and give you a quote for each before starting the job.