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Top Hat Marquee Hire

Top Hat Marquee Hire is an exciting way to make a statement at your next corporate party or event. Whether you are celebrating your 50th anniversary or just making a new beginning, a top hat can give you a touch of class and fun. This whimsical hat features a feather to add color and texture as well as a crown to crown it all. The possibilities with a top hat marquee are endless.

Top Hat Marquee Hire

Red Hat Society members can create a stunning centerpiece for any gathering with their “Red Hat Party” by transforming their regular hat into a red hat. To complete the transformation, they can add feathers or fake flowers to the crown. They can do it all in front of everyone at the party. A red hat for the Red Hat Society doesn’t have to be a hat. It can be any hat made from feathered or fabric material that matches the color scheme.

Imagine having a Red Hat Society party at your place of business. Wear a simple dress or business casual frocks or suits and find some top hats for your employees. You can have a variety of colors for the women and all-blue hats for the men. Divide the guests up into groups and ask them to each pick a hat to wear and hide it under their shirts. The women should go at one end of the party; the men at the other. The women will be the ones to find the red hat, bring it out, and have it topped off with the feather.

Top hats can be purchased online or at your local party store. Make sure to try on the hats you select and if you aren’t sure if they fit, get them tried on by a friend before ordering them. If you have a large group planning on attending your top hat party, you may want to consider having them come in groups of two or more. Order in advance so you can have plenty of hats available for your red hat party.

When you are ready to order your hats, make sure to enter your names and addresses on the hat order form so that your guests can be e-mailed as they are arriving. Also have your event date and time printed on the hat order form. Once you have ordered your hats, your men’s top hats and women’s top hats are just a few clicks away! Just wait for the shipping date to be near and you’re good to go! Remember to order extra hats for any guests who may need them. No one will miss the Red Hat Party by not having a Red Hat Society hat to wear!

There are many reasons to have a Red Hat Society party and everyone who come will enjoy being a member. Members earn fun prizes and have their pictures taken with red hats and other members of the society. Red hats don’t have to be just for women; they are also just as equally popular among men. So, if you want your next big event to be a huge success, invite your friends over for the best American Cuff Cut Faux Fur Top Hat Party of the year!