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Why Do You Need A Damp Team?

A Damp Team is a group of professionals that deal with damp, safe buildings. This could range from damp in the basement of your home to damp in a commercial property. A Damp Team will come out and inspect your home, identifying any areas that could potentially be hazardous for you or your family. After their initial inspection they will be able to give you some professional and cost-effective advice on how you can deal with the situation. These teams work alongside local council to make sure your home is kept in good condition.

local damp team

If you live in London, you may already be familiar with these teams as many have popped up around the city in recent years. The main reason for this has been because of the growth in high-rise apartment blocks. It makes sense then that as well as identifying damp problems in your home you need to make sure that your local damp team are able to identify potential damp problems elsewhere in your local area.

Damp teams are specialist groups that are able to deal with damp in different sectors of the building industry. They are used in the construction industry for everything from finishing to plumbing. The key role they play is to carry out routine inspections to identify any damp areas that are of a risk to your home and those of your family. In addition to inspecting damp conditions inside the home they also carry out ventilation checks. This will help to prevent the formation of mold or mildew.

In order to prevent serious problems occurring you need to do regular maintenance checks on your home. Look for any signs of damp such as: damp spots on tiles, ceiling fans, lighting and any other places that might seem to be damp. Take note of where the damp is coming from – does it have a smell? If so then you should get rid of the smell to prevent it from worsening.

Once you have identified a damp spot in your home, it’s time to contact your local Damp Team. Damp Detectors are small specialist teams that are equipped with modern apparatus that can detect damp. Their mission is to advise you on the best action to take based on the severity of the situation. Once you have consulted with your team then they will begin to assess your situation and recommend actions based on the depth of the damp and the location of the damp. Damp Detectors can provide advice on how to solve the problem by replacing or repairing damaged water-logged fabrics, replacing roof shingles, checking for leaks and checking the general state of your home.

Your local Damp Team can often save you a lot of money by identifying and eliminating damp problems before they become a huge issue. Not only do they offer advice but they can provide you with a guarantee up to 3 months. In this time they will carry out surveys, test the condition of your home and carry out structural repairs. They can often also give you an estimate of what it will cost to resolve your damp problems.